Is a transformational leadership program for young people between 16 and 24 years old from disadvantaged backgrounds, the program consists of introducing young people to leadership and personal development techniques, also pushing them to create micro-projects and at the end introduce them to the use of digital channels to communicate their project.


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In partnership with The Pact, ALTERNATIVES was able to score the country performance to advocate for improvement on area with underperformance towards a better laws and policies, health outcomes partnership, and meaningful participation of Adolescents and Youth in leadership and policy forum, the Integration across several networks working around SRHR at national level has also enabled ALTERNATIVES to engage stakeholders in policy advocacy on access to self-testing for young people and the age of consent for access to HIV testing.


The “URBAN YOUTH CORPS” program reflects to the model of foreign volunteer program where young people from the capital city are given the opportunity to gain professional experience through volunteering. The program aims to optimise the skills and knowledge of young volunteers in the service of the vulnerable population, particularly in solving social problems.


The “ESPOIR 2.0” program consists of engaging young female sex workers who wish to become financially independent and resilient through the creation of decent jobs. The program strengthens ALTERNATIVES’ initiatives in the promotion and development of young women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, as well as an alternative to HIV. It integrates training on feminist leadership, SRHR, the creation of sustainable micro-enterprises, the establishment of a “village saving and loans association” to support the implementation of projects at local level.

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